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URL Hunter is a multi-award winning Stream URL Catcher that capture online stream urls via HTTP, RTSP, and MMS protocols.

Capture the Stream URLs of Most Protocols:
Flash Video (HTTP)
Windows Media™ (HTTP, MMS and RTSP)
Real Audio™ and Real Video™ (HTTP and RTSP)
Streaming MP3 (Shoutcast™)

As you get to know URL Hunter, you\'ll appreciate these advanced features:
Automatic Capturing.
Click \'Option\' button, and select \'Turn AUTO ON\' menu item.

Filters for various file types.
Click \'Option\' button, and select \'Set Filters\'. A dialog will pop up. You can choose to capture the url file types.

Dynamic URL Filtering Keywords.
In the \'Set Filters\' dialog, To capture some of the specific urls, you can set up filters Keywords.

An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI).
With AUTO capturing mode enabled, using your browser or your media player, play the video or audio you want to record.With AUTO capturing mode disabled, please click \'Start\' button to start capturing firstly.

Remove Duplicates.
Click \'Option\' button, and select \'Remove Duplicates\' menu item. This can avoid the same links repeatedly appear in the list box.

Only Scan this Computer.
Click \'Option\' button, and select \'Only scan this computer\' menu item. If this item is not selected, URL Hunter will work in promiscuous mode. Some network adapters that can only scan in non-promiscuous mode.

A skin strategy, which allow you to change the way your ripper looks by changing its skin.
Click \'i\' button, and select one skin from \'Skins\' submenu.

A log file, which makes it available to check URL Hunter\'s record.
Click \'Option\' button, and select \'View Log File\' menu item.

A log file, which makes it available to check Shadow Stream Recorder\'s record.

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